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The Beginning of Me | Poetry Collection, No.1 by Eric C. Jackson

The Beginning of Me

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Poetry Collection, No.1
Paperback | Kindle Edition
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November 2013 | Publishers Weekly Cover Feature
"As I began my journey into adulthood, I realized the persona of what I was led to believe a man should be was a standard I could not meet. I believed in God, but I did not believe in me. I felt fear. I felt anxiety. I felt insecure. And I could tell no one about it. Instead, I began to write my feelings down in the form of poetry on scraps of paper. This process helped me to be honest with myself about who I saw in the mirror. As you read through, maybe it can help you, too." - Eric Christopher Jackson



I am afraid to dream
I am afraid to drive
I am afraid to live
And afraid to die

I am afraid to sail
I am afraid to succeed
I am afraid to increase
And afraid to believe

All of my life
I wanted to achieve
So what I cannot do
Is accept all these lies

January 1, 2009