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Rivals (2016)
Beyond Heaven (2013)
Raptured (2013)
Forgiveness (2010)
X-Men: The New Age (2009)


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Too Birds, One Stone (2015)
Reveal (2013)
S.H.A.D.E. (2013)
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The Few (2018)
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Redemption (2016)

Chompy Goes to School: 2nd Edition (2015)

Speak (2014)

The Beginning of Me (2012)

Forgiveness: 3rd Edition (2012)


Featured in Redemption.

Poetry Collection, No.3

“I Have a Picture.”

Another frame.
Another nail.
Another space taken up
on my wall.

New Zealand.
Baton Rouge.

For years, I’ve collected
scene after scene.

New York.
The Eiffel Tower.
A distant flower.

I’m running out of room.

The Arctic is cold.
The Tropics are warm.
Hawaii is a destination
I dream of.

I dream of them all.

I only have these pictures.
I’ve never been anywhere.
Because I’ve never left my room.

November 19, 2014



To know all my secrets
All my failures
The worst parts of me
And love me anyway

When I don’t have the right answers
When I fall flat on my face
When I stumble in the darkness
And love me anyway

When I get old and grey
Lose most of my teeth
Need a cane to walk across the street
And love me anyway

Does this love exist?
Would anyone dare to try?
Or the real question is
When I find her
Would I?

February 14, 2015


Featured in Speak.
Poetry Collection, No.2


Sandy Brook Elementary School

Can you see them?
The look of terror in their eyes
Knowing they’re about to die
Not able to run if they tried

Can you hear them?
Screaming as shots ring out
Crying as blood pours out
Death…there is no doubt

Can you tell them?
Why this was allowed
Licenses to show them how
Evil is given a right to live
As they are sentenced to die

December 26, 2012


Featured in The Beginning of Me.
Poetry Collection, No.1


I am afraid to dream
I am afraid to drive
I am afraid to live
And afraid to die

I am afraid to sail
I am afraid to succeed
I am afraid to increase
And afraid to believe

All of my life
I wanted to achieve
So what I cannot do
Is accept all these lies

January 1, 2009